University of Barcelona

Industrial Relations

Course plans

List of subjects 2021-2022

Subject Type Credits
Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases in the Spanish Legal System OT 3
Accounting I OB 6
Accounting II OB 6
Administrative Intervention in Labour Relations OB 6
Application of New Technologies (ICTs) in Professional Practice OT 3
Applied Statistics in Labour Relations FB 6
Business Law OB 9
Business Organization FB 6
Company Taxation OB 6
Complementary Social Protection OT 6
Economic and Social History FB 6
Employment Law I OB 6
Employment Law II OB 9
Environmental Management and Total Quality OT 6
Final Project TR 6
Institutional or Company Placement PR 12
Internal Communication OT 6
International Legal Regime for Employment OB 6
Introduction to Law FB 6
Introduction to the Economy FB 6
Labour Economics FB 6
Labour Law I and Collective Bargaining OB 6
Labour Law II and Collective Bargaining OB 6
Labour Procedural Law OB 6
Labour Safety and Health OB 6
Legal and Financial Regime in the Voluntary Sector OT 6
Legal Regime and Common Administrative Procedure OB 6
Legal Regime for Non-Nationals OT 6
Legal Regime of Civil Service Employment OB 6
Management of State Employment OB 6
Occupation Policy OB 6
Occupational Health and Safety OB 6
Organization and Methods of Work OB 9
Person Management OB 9
Political System and Constitutional Law FB 6
Practical Applications of Labour and Social Security Law I OT 6
Practical Applications of Labour and Social Security Law II OT 6
Psychological and Social Risk OT 6
Psychosocial Consultancy in Organizations OT 3
Social Security Law I OB 6
Social Security Law II OB 6
Sociology of Work FB 6
Staff Selection and Training OB 6
Strategic Company Management OT 6
Techniques in Conflict Negotiation and Resolution OT 6
Techniques in Work and Communication FB 6
Work Psychology FB 6