University of Barcelona

Political and Administrative Sciences

Course plans

List of subjects 2021-2022

Subject Type Credits
Administrative Law I OB 6
Administrative Law II OB 6
Administrative Science FB 6
Advanced Methods of Political and Social Analysis OT 3
Collective Action and Interest Groups OT 3
Comparative Political Systems OB 6
Constitutional Theory OB 6
Construction of Political, Social and Economic Indicators OT 3
Contemporary Social and Political History FB 6
Discourse Analysis OT 3
Economic Assessment of Public Policies OT 3
Economics and the Welfare State OT 3
Electoral Analysis OT 3
Electoral Law and Parliamentary Law OT 3
English for Political Science OT 3
European Union: Political Institutions OB 6
Final Project TR 12
General Sociology FB 6
Institutional or Company Placement PR 6
Instrumentarium FB 6
International Conflict OT 3
International Organizations OT 3
International Politics OB 6
Introduction to Public Law FB 6
Local Government OT 3
Methods of Political Science OB 6
Political Behavior OB 6
Political Coalitions OT 3
Political Economy FB 6
Political History of Catalonia OT 3
Political Ideologies and Movements OB 6
Political Parties and Political Party Systems OT 3
Political Science I FB 6
Political Science II OB 6
Political Science III OB 6
Political Theory I OB 6
Political Theory II OB 6
Public International Law and International Relations OB 6
Public Management OB 6
Public Policies I OB 6
Public Policies II OB 6
Public Treasury OB 6
Regulation Planning OT 3
Social Structure FB 6
Spanish Economy OB 6
Spanish Political System FB 6
Specific Public Policies II: Public Policies on Gender Equality OT 3
Specific Public Policy I OT 3
Statistical Techniques for Social Research FB 6
Techniques for Social Informatics Research OB 6
Techniques in Cartography OT 3
Techniques in Surveys and Questionnaires OT 3
The Catalan Political System OT 3
Theory of Public Opinion and Communication Policy OT 3
World Economy OB 6