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Public management and administration



The bachelor's degree in Public Management and Administration meets government and public sector needs for quality human resources in public management, particularly for highly qualified staff specialized in management and direction.

Public administrations have a very wide area of action: they control and regulate a large part of private activity, stimulate another part and directly or indirectly provide services for the population relating to the economy, individuals, society or territory. The management of this social reality has notable characteristics and requires knowledge that enables a specialized, professional approach to be taken.

Consequently, the bachelor's degree in Public Management and Administration develops knowledge of public administrations and their activity from an interdisciplinary perspective. The content is closely related to the professional situation at different levels of the administration, so that students gain the skills and knowledge required to work in high-level technical and leadership positions in the public sector. The objectives are focused mainly on economic and financial management, legal and administrative management and human resources management, although other disciplines are also covered, such as administrative science, public policies or public management techniques. These subjects complement the multidisciplinary, general focus of the curriculum.

The degree qualifies students to work as public managers in political institutions and public administrations at different levels (local, regional, national and EU) and in their respective administrative organizations. Public managers may also work in a range of organizations (political parties, trade union organizations, business organizations, non-governmental organizations, foundations, interest groups and public corporations with a private basis) or in private professional activities (provision of consultancy, advisory or assistance services for administrations, etc.) that require staff with in-depth knowledge of the various dimensions of public management.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Approximate price per credit17,69 €