University of Barcelona

Public management and administration

Course plans

List of subjects 2021-2022

Subject Type Credits
Administrative Activity I OB 6
Administrative Activity II OB 6
Administrative Information and Documentation OB 6
Administrative Science OB 6
Administrative Structures OB 6
Applied Statistics for Public Administration I FB 6
Applied Statistics for Public Administration II FB 6
Budget Management I OB 6
Budget Management II OB 6
Civil Law: People, Contracts and Goods OB 6
Constitutional Law FB 6
Contemporary Political and Social History FB 6
Data Protection OT 3
Employment Law OB 6
European Union Law and Administration OB 6
Final Project TR 6
Financial Mathematics for Public Administration OT 3
Foreign Status and Immigration OT 3
Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberties OT 6
Governance and Digital Transformation OT 3
Institutional or Company Placement PR 12
International Cooperation OT 3
Introduction to Financial Management OB 6
Introduction to Law FB 6
Legal Regime of Public Administrations I OB 6
Legal Regime of Public Administrations II OB 6
Local Development Policy OT 3
Local Law and Government OT 3
Local Public Policy OT 3
Local Taxation OT 3
Local Treasury OT 3
Personnel Management OB 6
Political Economy FB 6
Procurement and Public Services OB 6
Public Accounting OB 6
Public Economics OB 6
Public International Law OT 3
Public Management Techniques and Methods OB 6
Public Participation and Opinion OT 3
Public Policy OB 6
Public Policy Management and Assessment OT 3
Public Sector Employment OB 6
Social Security OT 6
Sociology FB 6
Spanish Political System FB 6
Tax Management I OB 6
Tax Management II OB 6
The Catalan Economy OT 3
Treatment of Information in the Public Administration FB 6
Urban Policy OT 3
Urban Security OT 3
Work and Communication Techniques FB 6