University of Barcelona

Public management and administration

Career opportunities

A graduate in Public Management and Administration will have received the training required to work in administration, management and consultancy in the following areas:

  • Public administration and other public bodies. For example:
  • Regional government (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • National government
  • Local government (town and city councils, regional councils, metropolitan authorities)
  • Social security management agencies
  • Universities and other education institutions
  • Public or private law entities associated with or dependent on public administration (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Agència Catalana de Consum, Agència Catalana d’Habitatge, etc.).

Companies that are hired by or collaborate with the government. For example:

  • Public-private hospitals
  • Concessionaires
  • Companies that provide services for or advise the administration
  • Third-sector organizations that collaborate to provide social services
  • Third-sector organizations that carry out activities in the public interest, subsidized by the government.

Companies or people who represent and defend the rights and interests of others before the government. For example:

  • Consultancy
  • Professional offices
  • Administrative agencies