University of Barcelona

Dual pathways: Law + Business Administration and Management


The dual pathway Law-Business Administration and Management enables students to obtain the two bachelor's degrees with better academic coordination than if they take the two degrees separately. The pathway is designed in particular for those who wish to obtain sound legal and business training that prepares them to work in senior positions. The dual pathway is based on the fact that the legal and corporate worlds are inseparable and mutually complementary.

Students must have an interest in economic, legal and social issues; natural ability in mathematics and quantitative operations; knowledge of languages, preferably English; a capacity for analysis and synthesis and for abstract critical thought; good verbal and written communication skills; a capacity to work hard, and initiative.

This course prepares students to work as lawyers or economists. Above all, you could excel as a corporate lawyer and business advisor. You could also work in large offices of lawyers or economists. You could become an auditor and/or business consultant, state economist or tax inspector. You could also work in the direction and management of the public administration and in international institutions.