University of Barcelona

Dual pathways: Law + Public Management and Administration


Since the 2012-2013 academic year, the Faculty of Law has offered the dual pathway Law-Public Management and Administration.

The aim is to offer students a bachelor's degree in Law, complemented by subjects from the bachelor's degree in Public Management and Administration, which provides essential tools to work in public administration and in the management of public organizations, or in the network of associated private companies. In the dual pathway, students will take all of the compulsory and basic training subjects in the bachelor's degree in Law, which will then be validated with the equivalent subjects in the bachelor's degree in Public Management and Administration.

Students who take the dual pathway will maintain the opportunity to work in legal practice, but will also be ready to enter many areas of public management. The characteristics of this double degree reflect the reality in our public administrations, which traditionally filled many senior positions in general and specialized public management with law graduates who were self-taught in public management or had trained in this area through lifelong learning activities.

The offering of the double degree in Law-Public Management and Administration should meet the training expectations of jurists who wish to be in the best position to work in public management.