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Jurists are essential for any group of people to function well. In particular, they are vital in societies that are developed to any extent, as they serve the state, or companies or individuals directly. The bachelor's degree in Law is of clear academic interest, as it is essential to provide sound basic training of this nature to work in the legal professions.
The bachelor's degree in Law comprises 240 credits that cover all of the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that students must gain. In the first year, students must take 60 credits of basic training that is cross-disciplinary to a certain extent. Mandatory subjects, worth 144 credits, comprise the core of the bachelor's degree in Law and include civil, trade, criminal, labour, constitutional, administrative, financial and tax, procedural and criminal, public and private international, and European Community law, as well as the philosophy of law.

The bachelor's degree in Law provides general training; students usually specialise during master's degrees. However, some specializations can be obtained for the European Diploma Supplement, by grouping together relevant subjects in a logical way. Students may therefore choose from four specializations: public law, private law, business law and international law, comparative and European Community. In addition, students can opt to undertake external placements in professional offices, companies and public institutions. The bachelor's degree concludes with the preparation and defence of a bachelor's degree final project.

The Faculty of Law at the UB has signed various academic cooperation agreements with US universities. The aim of these agreements is to enable UB students to take law courses and programmes that can be recognized in their chosen degree pathway, and that lead to an official qualification in the recipient country.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Approximate price per credit17,69 €