University of Barcelona


Course plans

List of subjects 2021-2022

Subject Type Credits
Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution OT 3
Bioethics and Law OT 3
Business Taxation OT 3
Canon Law OT 3
Civil Procedural Law OB 9
Community Law of Free Circulation OT 3
Company and Financial Market Law OB 6
Company Law OB 6
Comparative Private Law OT 3
Comparitive Constitutional Law and Law of the European Union OT 3
Competition Law and Industrial Property Rights OT 6
Constitutional Principles and Institutions FB 6
Crime and Punishment OB 9
Criminal Procedure OB 6
Current Legal Issues in Public Law OT 3
Current Legal Issues in Business Law OT 3
Current Legal Issues in International Law OT 3
Current Legal Issues in Private Law OT 3
Economic Criminal Law OT 6
Economics FB 6
Electoral Law and Parliamentary Law OT 3
Employment Law and Social Security Law OB 9
Environmental Law OT 6
European Contract and Consumer Law OT 6
European Union Law OB 6
Family Law and Succession Law OB 9
Final Project TR 6
Financial and Tax Law OB 6
Financial Market Law OT 6
Foundations of Administrative Law OB 9
Fundamental Rights and Guarantees OT 3
History of Catalan Law and Roman Law Tradition OT 6
History of Law FB 6
Immigration, Nationality and Foreign Status OT 6
Institutional or Company Placement PR 6
Instruments of Business Traffic OB 6
Intellectual Property Law OT 3
International Economic Law OT 3
International Organizations OT 3
International Protection of Human Rights OT 3
Interregional Law OT 3
Labour Law and Collective Bargaining OT 3
Local Government Law and Taxation OT 6
Minorities and Equality OT 3
Navigation Law OT 3
Obligations and Contracts OB 9
Philosophy of Law OB 6
Political Science FB 6
Principles of Criminal Law and Theory of Crime FB 6
Principles of Law FB 6
Private International Law OB 6
Private Law FB 6
Procedural Strategies OT 6
Procedures and Systems of Taxation OB 9
Property Law OB 9
Public Function OT 3
Public International Law OB 6
Public Procurement and Administrative Action OB 6
Public Property and Urban Planning OB 6
Registration Law OT 3
Roman Law FB 6
Social Security Law OT 3
Sociology of Law OT 3
State and Confession OT 3
Systems of Rights and Liberties OB 6
Techniques in Work and Communication FB 6
Territorial Structure of the State FB 6
Tort Law and Damages OT 3