University of Barcelona


Career opportunities

The main career opportunities of a Law graduate are the following, although some students may have planned other specific career paths that are also viable:

  • Lawyer
  • Procurator
  • Public notary
  • Registrar
  • Civil servants employed in the Administration of Justice: judges and magistrates, public prosecutors, legal secretaries
  • High-level civil servants in the Administration of Justice: state attorney, expert in civil administration of the state, and other civil servants who work for central, regional and local government.
  • Spanish civil servants working outside of the country (diplomatic corps)
  • Mid-level civil servants employed in central, regional and local government
  • Employees of international organizations: United Nations, Council of Europe
  • Lawyer for Spanish national or regional parliaments
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Lawyer for private associations/organizations
  • Legal advisor or counsel