University of Barcelona

Dual pathways: Law + Industrial Relations


The dual pathway in Law and Industrial Relations has two main objectives: to meet the more specialized training needs of a considerable proportion of new students, and the social need for basic academic training in law and human relations studies in which the contents are well-integrated and interdisciplinary.

The course is designed to be taken over five years (ten semesters) and enables students to combine the classes and academic activities of both pathways and meet requirements to obtain the bachelor's degrees in accordance with the specifications of each curriculum, taking into account the subjects or credits of both degrees.

The double bachelor's degree in Law and Industrial Relations provides solid theoretical and practical academic training in two social sciences disciplines that are highly complementary. Therefore, the curriculum for the double degree combines contents from general law, employment law, social security law, psychology, sociology, statistics, business organization, staff selection, training, and staff management (human resources).

The professional opportunities resulting from this double degree are those of the bachelor's degrees in Law and Industrial Relations. Specifically, the dual pathway prepares graduates to work in law firms specialized in labour law, corporate management teams (human resources), companies focused on occupational risk prevention, third sector entities, employment consultancies, and other highly specialized consultancies.