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Pre-enrolment calendar

1 March - 7 May( inclusive 2021).
Notification of resolutions: 20 May.

Closed Pre-enrolment


  • Pre-enrolment fee: A pre-enrolment fee of 30,21 euros is charged. Students who apply to more than one master's degree must pay the fee for each pre-enrolment request. Pre-enrolment requests cannot be processed until this fee has been paid.Fees will only be refunded if the master's degree in question is suspended.
  • Reserved places: A maximum of 5% of the new places of the master's degree are reserved for students who meet the general and specific access requirements and accredit the recognition of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Required documentation

Selection criteria

  • Applicants will be selected for admission to the course on the strength of their academic record (grade point average, expressed with two decimal places). Candidates' academic records for their bachelor's degree or pre-EHEA degree shall be considered. If candidates are undergraduate students, their grade up to the first semester (the average grade at the time of pre-enrolment) will be used.

  • Students will be grouped according to their grade, as follows: 5-5.99; 6-6.99; 7-7.99; 8-8.99 and 9-10. Thus, a student with a grade of 7.2 will be placed in the 7-7.99 group.

  • Applicants with degrees from the UB will have preference over those with qualifications from other universities within their group. Thus, a UB student with a grade of 7.2 will be offered a place above a non-UB student with a grade of 7.4. However, a non-UB student with a grade of 8 will have preference over a UB student with a grade of 7.99, as they would be classified in different groups.

  • If applicants are ranked equally (for example, two or more UB students with the same grade to two decimal places) they will be interviewed by the course coordinator. In addition, their curriculum vitae will be taken into account, and credit will be given for other training associated with the profession, language skills, and professional experience.

  • If students are ranked equally, those who have a certified disability greater than 33% will be given priority.


  • Notification of decisions: 20 May 2020

The Committee will consider all documentation submitted up before 8 May.

Successful candidates must pay a fee of 300 euros to reserve their place.


Closed Enrolment