University of Barcelona

Advanced Legal Studies

Recommended applicant profile and admission requirements

Recommended applicant profile

The recommended applicant profile is directly related to the training in research and up-to-date legal knowledge offered by the master's degree in Advanced Legal Studies. It is addressed to three principal groups of students:

  • Graduates in law or related disciplines who wish to specialize or acquire further training in legal sciences.

  • Legal professionals looking to refresh or expand their knowledge of legal sciences (lawyers, magistrates, judges, advisors and consultants, civil servants and researchers, who are already involved in a specific activity but would like to extend their expertise to other areas of law).

  • Students interested in doctoral studies or legal research, in particular those interested in pursuing an academic career.

Admission requirements

In accordance with Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/29 October 2007, students must hold one of the following qualifications to access university master's degree courses:
  • An official Spanish degree.
  • A degree issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area framework that authorizes the holder to access university master's degree courses in the country of issue.
  • A qualification from outside the framework of the European Higher Education Area. In this case, the qualification should be recognized as equivalent to an official Spanish degree. If it is not recognized, the University of Barcelona shall verify that it corresponds to a level of education that is equivalent to official Spanish degrees and that it authorizes the holder to access university master's degree courses in the country of issue. Admission shall not, in any case, imply that prior qualifications have been recognized as equivalent to a Spanish master's degree and does not confer recognition for any purposes other than that of admission to the master's degree course.

Specific requirements

The master's degree in Advanced Legal Studies is open to candidates who hold a bachelor's degree, pre-EHEA degree or diploma (or equivalent) in law, political and administrative sciences, public management and administration, labour relations, criminology, business administration and management, sociology or economics.

For candidates with an official university degree other than those listed above, the Coordination Committee will decide whether access may be granted, taking into account academic records and professional experience in the field of law.