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Advanced Public Management


Pre-enrolment calendar

18 February - 17 June 2022.

Open Pre-enrolment



  • Pre-enrolment fee: A pre-enrolment fee of 30,21 euros is charged. Students who apply to more than one master's degree must pay the fee for each pre-enrolment request. Pre-enrolment requests cannot be processed until this fee has been paid.Fees will only be refunded if the master's degree in question is suspended.
  • Reserved places: A maximum of 5% of the new places of the master's degree are reserved for students who meet the general and specific access requirements and accredit the recognition of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Required documentation

Selection criteria

The Coordination Committee will assess each candidate on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Previous studies (40%). Preference will be given to holders of the pre-EHEA or bachelor's degrees in Public Management and Administration (GAP) and holders of the pre-EHEA degree in Political and Administrative Sciences (CPA), or national equivalent, who have completed the first cycle of GAP or taken the specialization in Administrative Science.

2. CV and statement of interest (40%). Candidates must submit a full curriculum vitae listing their academic and professional experience, together with a statement of interest outlining their reasons for applying to the master's degree. Students with professional experience in the public sector or associated bodies will receive additional credit.

3. Academic record. Preference will be given to those candidates with the highest grade averages for previous studies (20%).

Candidates may be asked to attend a personal interview to complete the consideration of their applications.

Candidates not in possession of one of the qualifications granting direct access to the master's degree may be admitted subject to the prior completion of 30 bridging credits.

Holders of the pre-EHEA degree in GAP will be granted direct access to the master's degree. However, upon completion of the course they will not be considered to hold the 300 ECTS credits required for access to doctoral studies.


Admission decisions will be announced at the end of each pre-enrolment period.
• First announcement: 30 March 2020
• Second announcement: 30 June 2020

The Committee will consider all documentation submitted up before 20 March and 19 June respectively.

Successful candidates must pay a fee of €300 to reserve their place on the course.


Closed Enrolment