University of Barcelona

Advanced Public Management

Course curriculum

The master's degree in Advanced Public Management comprises two study modules, an in-company placement, and the submission of a final report on the practical experience gained in the placement.

The first module, entitled Challenges in Advanced Public Management, consists of four compulsory subjects of 5 credits each: 

- Advanced Studies in Administrative Law
- Financial Management 
- Human Resource Management in the Public Sector 
- Evaluation Techniques and Methods in Public management

This module aims to help students develop an in-depth analytical approach to major contemporary issues in the four central areas of public management: legal and administrative management, financial management, people management and public policy evaluation. 

The second module, Professional Specialization, comprises a set of optional subjects, each with a value of 2.5 ECTS credits, which give students the chance to select specific areas in which they would like to develop a higher degree of specialization. The subjects focus on specific aspects of the four key disciplines mentioned above. Students must complete optional subjects with a total value of 20 ECTS credits.