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Podiatry is defined as that profession of health sciences concerned with the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathologies and injuries of the foot and associated structures – in relation with the body as well as the manifestations of systemic diseases – by all appropriate systems and technologies using scientific and professional specialized knowledge.

This definition by the International Federation of Podiatrists describes the complexity of this profession, taught at the School of Podiatry of the University of Barcelona, which oversees the training of professional podiatrists with a well-rounded approach.

The School has always promoted interdepartmental relationships, which guarantees specialized teachers, both in basic science and podiatry areas, teach the subjects. On the other hand, our School is committed to offering a university degree with an extensive practical workload in preclinical and clinical fields. The clinical aspect of these studies has been traditionally developed at the Podiatry Hospital of the University of Barcelona, managed by the Josep Finestres Foundation, which facilitates the clinical training of students in direct touch with patients, constantly supervised by the experienced teaching staff who are also professionals in the field.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeHealth Sciences
Approximate price per credit18,46 €