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Objectives and competences


What you will learn

The EHEA bachelor's degree in Nursing provides students with a general qualification comprising scientific and personal training, and enables them to develop a critical, reflective and humanistic approach to the nursing profession. Students will acquire the skills to identify and assess the health needs of individual patients, families and members of the local community, and the practical experience to attend to these.

In the task of developing personal potential, promoting health, preventing illness and providing treatment, nursing professionals need to work side by side with other health care personnel in the planning, organization, management and assessment of a variety of professional areas.

For this reason, the degree in Nursing aims to provide students with the following skills and competences:

- knowledge of nursing science and of health, human and social sciences so as to effectively attend to patients¿ needs and to the needs of families, social groups and the community at large;
- professional skills in the application of protocols and procedures for treatment;
- interpersonal skills in the development of positive relationships with patients, patients¿ families and other health care personnel;
- good practices and the ability to ground professional activity in ethical principles respecting individuals¿ values, rights and personal dignity;
- analytical skills and the ability to reflect and extrapolate, applying scientific methodology and findings to decision making in treatment and care.

Through the completion of placements in health care centres, the student will have the opportunity to put into practice the classroom learning and skills he or she has acquired and will also gain experience in different professional contexts. Finally, upon successful completion of the degree, students may either begin to work or go on to postgraduate studies.

Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences
Faculty or school: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences