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Final project

TFM Procedure, research groups and assessment

1. Introduction 

Students of the master's degree in Biomedicine choose a scientific supervisor for their Final Project from members of the participating research groups at the UB or other research institutions. Opportunities for carrying out the Final Project can be found at: curricular placements

The research project has a study load of 27 ECTS credits.

2. Research groups for the Final Project
Students who do not have a supervisor or a research group with which to complete the Final Project may contact degree coordinators for advice, guidance and suggestions.


  • Molecular principles of cancer. Dr Neus Agell
  • Metabolism, metabolic signalling and associated disorders. 
  • Neurosciences. Dr Gabriel Pons
  • Other areas. Dr Albert Tauler

3. Final project form
Once students have decided on the topic of their project and reached an agreement with a supervisor and research group they must complete the control form, which should be signed by the student and supervisor and submitted via email or standard mail to the course secretary: Irene Erta,  Secr. d’Estud. i Docència Bellvitge Pavelló de Govern 1a. Plta. C/ Feixa Llarga, s/n (08907 Hospitalet del Llobregat). 
The deadline for the submission of the form will be communicated to students via email in October.

4. Subject coordinators/tutors.  
Dra Neus Agell;  

Dr Gabriel Pons
Dr Albert Tauler

5. Assessment of the Final Project report:

The final stage in the Final Project is the writing of a detailed report. The following criteria must be met:
- Two copies are required: electronic (PDF) and a hard copy printed on both sides.
- Maximum length of 20 pages (excluding cover, title and abstract page and bibliography).
- Font type and size: Calibri 11-12.
- Line spacing between 1.15 and 1.5.
- Margins: minimum 2 cm on four sides.

Reports must include the following sections and contents:

1. Cover:
• Final Project for the master's degree in Biomedicine, UB Academic year 20xx-20xx
• Student's name, signature and contact details (email and phone number)
• Supervisor's name and signature
• Laboratory / Department / Centre where the project was completed.

2. Title and abstract page:
• Title and abstract  (maximum length: 300 words) 

3. Body (maximum of 20 pages)
• Background
• Objectives
• Methodology
• Results
• Discussion and conclusions

4. References

5. Exceptionally, there will be an Appendix section for extensive tables or images that must be shown in large format and are essential to understanding the project.

Public presentation and defence of the report

Assessment will take the form of a public oral presentation before a panel consisting of two professors directly involved in the teaching of the master's degree. The presentation must set out the results of the project, show the students' command of the background and relevant literature on the topic and their ability to apply critical reasoning skills to their results.Students must also show that the methods they used are appropriate according to technical, statistical and scientific standards.

There is a single assessment period in July, which will be communicated to students in advance.

Procedure for the presentation: The public presentation before the members of the examination panel will last no longer than 15 minutes and will be followed by questions from the members of the panel.

Criteria and percentages for the assessment of the master's degree final project

The final grade for the project, on a scale from 1 to 10, will be calculated as follows:
- 25% for the written report. An extra 5% will be awarded for submissions in English.
- 30% for the supervisor/tutor assessment. A questionnaire will be sent to tutors for them to assess students' work in the laboratory, their participation and the degree of interest shown.
- 35% for the public defence, students' ability to communicate knowledge and results, and to answer questions related to their topic. An extra 5% will be awarded for presentations in English.

In accordance with AQU guidelines, as of the academic year 2013-2014, students' grades for previous subjects in the master's degree will not be taken into account when grading the Final Project.

Oral Presentation:  July,, 2022


Students must submit an format electronic PDF  mail:  with a copy to your director
Regulations for assessment of experimental work: You can read the rules of evaluation os experimental work and the requirements to be met by the memory in this document.

The oral presentation of experimental work will last a maximum of 15 minutes. Will be given if students meet the set time.

There are 6 Courts. Look at that tribunal conduct the presentation.

Tribunal 1 . Facultat Medicina, Campus Casanova      AULA 
Dra. Neus Agell 

Tribunal 2 . Facultat Medicina, Campus Casanova      AULA  

Tribunal 3. Facultat Farmacia Campus Pedralbes    AULA 


Tribunal 4. Facultat Farmacia, Campus Pedralbes    AULA 

 Dr. Albert Tauler         


Tribunal 5. Facultat de Medicina, Campus Bellvitge         AULA  


Tribunal 6. Facultat de Medicina, Campus Bellvitge         AULA

Dr. Gabriel Pons