University of Barcelona

Applied Research Methodology in Nursing Care

Objectives and competences


The main objective of this master's degree is to respond to growing demand for postgraduate training in applied research in the field of nursing practice, relating particularly to nursing care and touching on other key aspects such as management and teaching.

The course aims to consolidate the research skills of nursing professionals and to foster a capacity to innovation, creativity and initiative in the practice and research of nursing care. At the same time, students will develop a general understanding of research as a means of professional development and advancement. The degree content is therefore designed to aid the development of a critical perspective on health needs, health policies and health institutions, at the national and international scales.


  • Capacity to harness research potential in nursing care, management and teaching, with a view to producing a quality research project.

  • Capacity to apply the theories and principles of research to research practice.

  • Capacity to demonstrate an understanding of core research methodologies in the development of scientific work, from the initial research question or hypothesis to the publication of results.

  • Ability to use the tools required to draw up a research project that can be submitted to national and international competitive calls for health research funding.

  • The knowledge to carry out research on aspects of gender and social and cultural diversity in the care population, taking into account ethical principles.

  • Capacity to use and manage resources (documents, computers, audiovisual materials, etc.) to carry out multidisciplinary research studies.