University of Barcelona

Communication and the Culture Industry

Course plans

List of subjects 2020-2021

Subject Type Credits
Advanced Communication for Professional Purposes OT 6
Advertising Communication OT 6
Analysis of Media Discourse OB 6
Audiovisual Communication OB 6
Business Communication OB 6
Cinema and the Culture Industry OB 6
Communication Offices OT 6
Contemporary Thought FB 6
Creation, Management and Evaluation of Culture Industries OB 6
Culture and Communication FB 6
Design and Publication of Multimedia Products OB 6
Documentation and Information Systems OB 6
Economics in the Current World-System FB 6
English for Professional Purposes OB 6
Fashion as a Culture Industry OT 6
Final Project TR 12
Genres and Forms of Oral Communication OB 6
Genres and Forms of Written Communication OB 6
Institutional or Company Placement PR 24
Law, Ethics and Deontology in the Culture Industries OB 6
Major Conflicts in the Contemporary World FB 6
Management of Cultural Heritage OT 6
Marketing and Distribution of Cultural Products OB 6
Methods and Techniques in Communication Research FB 6
Music and the Recording Industry OT 6
New Technologies in Communication OT 6
Online Communication and Production OB 6
Political and Institutional Communication OT 6
Principles of Business Administration and Management OB 6
Reception and Criticism of Cultural Products OB 6
Scenic Arts OT 6
Sectors in the Culture Industries OB 6
Semiotics of Communication FB 6
Sports Communication OT 6
Television and Radio in the Twenty-First Century OB 6
Text Production in Catalan FB 6
Text Production in Spanish FB 6
The Audiovisual Production Process OB 6
The Publishing Sector in the Twenty-First Century OT 6
Theory and History of Communication FB 6
Trends in Contemporary Arts FB 6