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Specialized Communication

Course curriculum

Course curriculum

The master's degree in Specialized Communication has a study load of 60 credits distributed across four subject areas.

Language, Culture and Science (24 credits). The five subjects that make up this area or module are compulsory and are studied during the first semester, along with the bridging courses. This guarantees the acquisition of the general knowledge required for subsequent specialization in one of the three branches offered by the programme.

Scientific Communication, Social Communication and Cultural Communication (18 credits). Students must choose one of the three specializations, which are taught in the second semester of the course. Each specialization consists of three subjects.

Institutional or Company Placement (6 credits). During the second semester an external placement related to the chosen specialization must be a completed, at any of the companies or institutions with which the University of Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement. External placements are supervised by a teacher of the master's degree and a staff member at the institution where they are being completed.

Final Project (12 credits). A written project must be completed under the supervision of a PhD holder from the teaching staff, which should demonstrate the ability to develop an intervention or research project in the related professional field and a capacity for independent work. It is also expected to demonstrate the successful integration and application of the knowledge gained throughout the programme. The final project must be defended publicly the end of the master's degree course.