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Final project

Compulsory final project


MD0W0T Final Project (12 credits). Students will prepare a written report under the supervision of a PhD-holder. This report should demonstrate the skills to conduct a practical or research project in the related professional field and a capacity for independent work. It is also expected to demonstrate the successful integration and application of the knowledge gained throughout the program. The final project must be defended publicly the end of the master's degree course.

Projects should be carried out as research assignments: 


  • A PhD-holder from the master's degree teaching staff.
  • Two lecturers tutors from the master's degree teaching staff.
  • A PhD-holder from the master's degree teaching staff and an external PhD-holder.
  • The tutor(s) oversees work towards the Final Project and submits a brief assessment report once it has been completed, but may not sit on the assessment committee.
  • The coordination committee will assign each student a tutor with specific expertise in their chosen research area. A list of proposals will be posted.

Three members; a committee will be formed for each specialization:

  •  Coordinator.
  •  A PhD-holder from the master's degree teaching staff.
  •  An external PhD-holder, from one of the departments involved in the teaching of the master's degree.

Presentation and defence of the Final Project (20 minutes) and subsequent discussion with the examination panel, in a public session.

The final grade is a weighted average of the mark awarded for the final project, the mark for the student's presentation, and the tutor's report.

Submission deadline for final projects: 16 June (first assessment period) or 12 September (second assessment period). The defence will generally take place within the following three weeks.