University of Barcelona

Construction and Representation of Cultural Identity

Career opportunities

The knowledge and skills gained during this master's degree can be applied to a wide range of professional environments with a central role in the sociocultural and socioeconomic contexts addressed by the course. The degree is designed both to train new professionals and to provide continuing training for working professionals who wish to keep up to date with the changing cultural realities of the contemporary world.
Graduates will be suited to careers or further training in the following fields:
  • University education
  • Secondary education
  • Cultural management
  • Publishing
  • Information technologies
  • Social media

This master's degree course focuses on a multidisciplinary field of study that is one of the most advanced and up-to-date areas of humanities research. Its key concepts and methods are being developed through constant dialogue with the disciplines on which it is based (national languages, comparative literature, gender studies and intermediality, among others). Therefore, it provides major opportunities for research and knowledge transfer.