University of Barcelona

Construction and Representation of Cultural Identity

Course curriculum

The syllabus is designed to provide the foundations for specialization in the field of intercul-tural and gender studies. Students must complete a total study load of 60 credits, distrib-uted as follows:

  • 2 compulsory subjects: These provide the core content for all students and give a gen-eral overview of intercultural and gender studies.
  • 2 specific subjects for the chosen specialization: The 2 specializations give students the chance to examine the specific aspects of either gender studies or intercultural studies in greater detail.
  • 4 optional subjects: Each student selects from a common group of optional subjects that have been designed to cover important aspects of the two specializations as well as re-flecting the importance of studying literature on the subject in its original language, which is crucial to understanding the underlying identities.
  • Final Project