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The Master's Degree in Medieval Cultures, which is currently coordinated by the Faculty of Philology, is an inter-faculty course, involving the faculties of Philology, Philosophy, Geography and History. It is taught by medieval specialists from disciplines such as archeology, Latin, Romance languages, Semitics, philosophy, history, history of art and paleography.

The Master's Degree in Medieval Cultures trains future specialists in the Middle Ages. It provides an overview of the European area, and of the tools required to understand European identity, the historical roots that are the basis of Europe's unity, and the plurality of cultural and linguistic expression in Europe. For a comprehensive approach to the Middle Ages, the master's degree establishes strong interrelation between the different fields that focus on this historical period. This interdisciplinarity is the basis of the master's degree and of the Institute for Research on Medieval Cultures (IRCUM): a centre that is associated with the master's degree and dedicated to research, knowledge transfer and dissemination on the medieval world.

One of the main, differentiating characteristics of the master's degree is the fact that it is associated with a research centre, the Institute for Research on Medieval Cultures (IRCUM), and with the doctoral degree in Medieval Cultures. Other entities in this area are the Association of Interdisciplinary Research and Dissemination in Medieval Cultures (ARDIT), the association of third-cycle students linked to the Institute for Research on Medieval Cultures (IRCUM), and the Master's Degree in Medieval Culture at the University of Barcelona. The objectives of ARDIT are research and dissemination of the cultural legacy of the Middle Ages, from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Basic data

Basic data
  • Number of credits:  90
  • Mode of delivery:  Presencial
  • Specializations:  No
  • Bridging courses:  No
  • Places offered:  25
  • Language of instruction:  Catalan: 80%, Spanish: 20%
  • Approximate price:  46,50 euros per credit ( 82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2019-2020
  • Qualification awarded:  Medieval Cultures
  • Faculty or school:  Faculty of Philology and Communication
  • Coordination:  ROSA LLUCH BRAMON
  • Contact   
    Faculty Geography and History
    934 037 936