University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature

Objectives and competences


The master's degree in Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature offers advanced academic and research training in the two fields that make up the programme: Spanish literature and Latin American literature. As an official master's degree offered by the Department of Hispanic Studies, it is designed to provide continued training for graduate students in this area and the requisite training in research to facilitate access to doctoral studies for those looking to prolong their academic training. Students will learn to apply scientific methodology to the analysis of authors, works and periods, taking in comparative analysis, critical reception and cross-disciplinary aspects, in accordance with new university guidelines and the evolving pluralism of contemporary society.


General competences

Upon completion of the course, successful students will be able to:
  • display linguistic awareness to read texts critically and to correctly interpret and comprehend their meaning;
  • display respect for ethics and intellectual integrity and learn to present and discuss personal opinions openly and independently, showing clarity and rigor in evaluating their own arguments and those of others;
  • understand the basic elements of intellectual work, that is, how to acquire knowledge (resources, bibliographies, complementary disciplines), and make good use of techniques for the presentation and dissemination of results (writing reviews and research reports, preparing lectures and public presentations such as debates, etc.);
  • work in teams involved in multidisciplinary and integrated research into common elements of diverse traditional cultures;
  • identify the presence of aspects of their studies in current topics of debate outside academic circles and use them correctly to interpret the current reality;
  • carry out an original research project, with critical and scientific rigor, applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the master's degree.

Specific competences

With regard to the specific applications of the course, students will also be able to:
  • display an in-depth understanding of the fundamental theoretical and practical concepts relevant to Spanish and Latin American historical, cultural and literary contexts;
  • interrelate the historical, cultural, ideological and aesthetic aspects of Spanish and Latin American cultures;
  • interrelate Spanish and Latin American culture with European and North American culture, in general, in order to understand and integrate common cultural elements in the West;
  • place the various written or artistic manifestations in historical, literary, ideological and aesthetic contexts, in order to evaluate them with respect to tradition;
  • formulate a critical view of Spanish and Latin American texts and documents from different perspectives (historical, literary, philosophical or artistic);
  • understand the main lines of research in Hispanic studies, the range of methodologies used and the most problematic aspects of work in this field;
  • display an up-to-date understanding of the latest developments presented in the international scientific community.