University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature

Course curriculum

The master's degree in Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature comprises 48 credits of face-to-face learning and 12 credits corresponding to a final project.

The syllabus comprises the following modules:

Thought and Creation in Spanish and Latin American Literature. This is a compulsory module made up of five 6-credit subjects (for a total study load of 30 credits). This module is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to situate the specific features of Spanish and Latin American literature in their particular social and cultural realities.

Tradition and Modernity in Spanish and Latin American Literature. This optional module is composed of several subjects, of which three must be chosen (18 credits) according to the students' research interests. Each subject aims to provide new insights and perspectives not covered at bachelor's degree level, with a particular emphasis on issues related to philological, methodological and professional practice. They also serve to enhance creativity and manage fields of interest for further development.

Final Project. This compulsory module, with a study load of 12 credits, requires students to complete a final project on a topic within one of the research areas covered by the course, under the supervision of a PhD holder from the teaching staff. The project should demonstrate the integration and application of the theoretical knowledge, methodological techniques and instrumental skills acquired throughout the course.