University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts

Teaching staff

  E-mail research areas
Dr. Júlia Baron L2 pragmatics, interaction and production
Dr. María Luz Celaya Crosslinguistic influence, written development in EFL, interlanguage pragmatics, communication in EFL
Dr. Sara Feijoo  Bilingualism, linguistic impairments, cognition, research methods, child language, role of input
Dr. Roger Gilabert Task design and task complexity, L2 production and development, Individual differences in working memory capacity
Dr. Imma Miralpeix
(coordinator) L2 vocabulary acquisition and assessment, multilingualism
Dr. Joan Carles Mora L2 speech processing, cross-language speech perception and production, cognitive skills and L2 phonological acquisition
Dr. Carme Muñoz Age effects in SLA, individual differences, early foreign language learning
Dra. Helena Roquet English Medium Instruction, CLIL, Individual Differences in SLA
Dr. Raquel Serrano Effects of learning context, time distribution on L2 learning, input modality
Dr. Elsa Tragant L2 learner motivation, learning strategies, research methods
Dr. Francesc Xavier Vila Educational sociolinguistics, language policy and language management, demolinguistics, comparative sociolinguistics

Unless otherwise specified, all offices are in the English Studies Department (Historic building, 2nd floor).
* Dr. Vila's office is in the Catalan and General Linguistics Department (Aribau Building, 4th floor).