The University of Barcelona commemorates the International Archives Day

News in brief | 08-06-2016

To remember the International Archives Day, the section of E-Administration and Records Office of the University of Barcelona is organizing, like last year, a set of activities in order to exhibit some documents of great interest of the life of the faculties.

Entitled “Fa 80 anys a la Universitat de Barcelona: una visió de 1936” (University of Barcelona 80 years ago: a vision of 1936), on June 9 and 10, the Historical Archive, in the Historical Building, will exhibit a set of documents published by the University during a certainly hard year for the country, which reaches its 80th anniversary.

The intermediate archives of the University of Barcelona are also added to this exhibition which can be visited until June 30. In the intermediate archive of Mundet campus, people will be able to visit the exhibition “De la creació de l’Escola Normal de Barcelona (1845) als inicis de la Gran Guerra (1914): comparativa de gènere en els estudis de Magisteri” (From the creation of the Escola Normal of Barcelona (1845) to the beginnings of the Great War (1914): genre comparison in the studies of Teaching Child Education), an exhibition which allows entering several course programs and study programs aimed –from that time- at male and female students.

The intermediate archive of Diagonal campus shows the evolution of one of their faculties with the exhibition “De l’Escola de Comerç i Facultat de Ciències Economiques a la Facultat d’Economia i Empresa: una mirada històrica a través de fons documentals” (From Commerce School and Faculty of Economy Sciences to Faculty of Economics and Business: a historical look through documentary sources), while the intermediate archive of Campus Centre will show a panoramic view of the faculty which has been predecessor of the current faculties of Philosophy and Geography and History with the exhibition “Una panoràmica històrica de la Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres” (A historic panoramic of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts).

This year, for the first time, the intermediate archive of the Physics and Chemistry campus –recently created- is added to the commemoration of the International Archives Day. The exhibition “els ensenyaments de Física i de Química a la Universitat de Barcelona, a través dels documents de l’arxiu” (studies of Physics and Chemistry at the University of Barcelona through archive documents) collects marking events of the history of these centres, heirs of the old Faculty of Sciences.

On June 8 the International Archives Day is celebrated worldwide, remembering June 9 of 1948 when, under the protection of UNESCO, the International Council on Archives (ICA) was created. The official declaration of the commemoration day was approved of in Wien, in the annual meeting of the Executive Council of ICA, in November 2007. The aim of the event is to promote the essential character of the archives to guarantee an efficient, responsible and transparent management of documentation to protect citizenship rights, guaranteeing individual and collective memory, understanding the past, documenting the present and preparing the future, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Archives, approved of in 2011 in Paris during the 36th UNESCO General Conference.