The University of Barcelona will have a psychological clinic of reference in Spain
News | 30-10-2016

The Psychological Clinic of the University of Barcelona (CPUB) will soon become real. One of the challenges the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Josep Batista, had in mind for his mandate was to create a prestigious university psychological clinic of reference for people, professionals and society in general. “The objective –Batista said- is for the clinic to become a reference of mental health recovery, clinical training and research for bachelor and postgraduate students of the University of Barcelona”.

CPUB is expected to open its doors in 2017 in the Espinalb building –which is ceded by Diputació de Barcelona (provincial government of Barcelona) to the University and located next to the Faculty of Psychology. It will offer psychological services to people in the area of Barcelona and its regions, and will assist all patient referrals coming from primary health care network, social services or other medical and psychological centers. All the university community –PDI, PAS and students- will obviously have guaranteed access to psychological assistance.

Clinic logo.

The building will have 14 consulting rooms, 6 of them for psychological assistance for children, and other rooms for physical and cognitive rehab activities or group interventions, plus taking care of psychological aspects coming from common chronic pathologies such as rare and low prevalence diseases. It will also have a room for ICT and furniture to carry out the clinical sessions, case studies and bibliography research.

According to Batista, “there is no better example than the clinic to fulfil the three aims of the University: education, research, and transfer to society. It will allow bachelor and postgraduate teachers -mostly the ones in the master degree on General Health Psychology- to carry their tasks out and it will serve as a driver for research applied in different research teams of the Faculty of Psychology. Also, we will have a catalogue of clinical action which is innovative and unknown to the traditional system. It will include assistance units which already exist in the Faculty and will follow the organization model of management of the assistance centers of Josep Finestres Foundation” says Batista.

The staff of the clinic will be formed by the teams that are already working in the units we already have and it will grow with time, creating new units and adding new professionals to respond to the needs of patients, depending on the demand. The teams will be built up by professors, tenured lecturers, collaborators, adjunct lecturers and grantholders of the Faculty of Psychology and staff hired by the Josep Finestres Foundation -with no teaching bindings.

The Customer Service Unit will be in charge of programming appointments, and will assist patients and family members, in person, phone or through email, and the administrative tasks of the center will be carried out from the different units of the Josep Finestres Foundation. CPUB will have an integrated network for necessary data and information and communication technologies and the possibilities offered by telemedicine, robotics and shared networks.

Espinalb building, headquarters of the future clinic seu de la futura clínica.

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