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Palau de les Heures - Master

One of the most distinctive demographic characteristics of today is the progressive ageing of the global population. Europe is gradually becoming one of the world's oldest continents. The United Nations has estimated that 27.4% of the European population will be aged over 75 by 2050.

This trend represents a major social challenge and has created a demand for skilled professionals capable of providing quality services for older adults. These include interventions to promote active ageing, with the implementation of policies and actions to impact positively on the health and welfare of the elderly. There is, of course, also a need for professionals who can provide assistance to dependent senior citizens and their families.
The master's degree in Psychogerontology is designed to address this need and provides quality training aimed at psychologists interested in working in the field of ageing, combining excellence in professional practice with knowledge of concern for the scientific and ethical criteria for action.

The master's is coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela, but the entire course can be completed at the University of Barcelona.

Basic information

Main universityUniversitat Santiago
  • Universitat Salamanca
  • Universitat Santiago
  • Universitat València Estudi General
  • Universitat Barcelona
Mode of deliveryPresencial
Bridging coursesNo
Faculty or schoolFaculty of Psychology
Number of places available25
Approximate price per credit27.67 euros per credit (82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2022-2023
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