Curs: "Advanced imaging techniques"






Dep. d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica


Aula Secció Departamental de Química Analítica

Conferenciant: Pablo Loza, Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO)

Resum: The basic principles of advanced microscopy techniques, from the mesoscopic scale (macro) to the super resolution level (tens of nanometers), will be presented. To start, the basic principles of image formation and resolution (lateral and axial) will be described. This will be followed by the introduction of fluorescence as a contrast mechanism. Then Confocal microscopy, as the standard gold-technique for high resolution biomedical imaging, will be presented. The pros and cons of the technique will be analyzed.

After that, the efforts in the field to overcome some of the limitations of confocal microscopy will be described. These include the search for minimizing light dose and photo damage on the sample, while at the same time, achieving higher resolutions, higher penetration depths, faster imaging speeds, etc. For that, advanced imaging techniques such as multi photon (two photon fluorescence, second- and third-harmonic generation), Raman, light sheet and super resolution imaging (STED and STORM) will be reviewed. All the imaging techniques will be highlighted in the context of different biomedical applications.