12apr201917:00Inequality and Education Spending in a Greying SocietyGianko Michailidis (Universitat de Barcelona)17:00 Activity:PhD in Economics student seminar

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Room 1037, 690 Building

Duration: 30 minutes

Abstract: The increase in income inequality and the population ageing are two of the major trends in developed countries. In this paper, we analyse the effect of these trends on the level of public education and pensions spending. For this, we develop an overlapping generations model with public and private education, a pay-as-you-go pension system, endogenous fertility, and probabilistic voting on pensions and education spending. In this model, an increase in income inequality increases public education and pensions spending per enrolled student and retiree, respectively. An increase in the share of retirees in the economy increases the per student spending on public education and pensions. A panel data analysis on OECD countries mostly conrm our theoretical predictions regarding public education spending.


Gianko Michailidis (Universitat de Barcelona)


(Friday) 17:00


Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona

Avda. Diagonal 690, Barcelona