Fellowship opportunities at ERC-funded Institutions and Political Economy Research Group

The Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (IPERG) at the Universitat de Barcelona School of Economics seeks one senior research fellow and three post-doctoral fellows on comparative politics for the 2017-18 academic year. All positions are linked to a European Research Council-financed five-year research project on a cross national historical comparison of electoral systems, electoral behaviour and party systems in advanced democracies. The Principal Investigator is the UB School of Economics researcher and Robert Garrett Professor at Princeton University Carles Boix.

The senior fellow will pursue research and contribute to the intellectual life of the group. Applications are welcome from political scientists and scholars in related social science disciplines at any career stage with a PhD completed before September 30th, 2015. On the other hand, the three post-doctoral fellowships are aimed at young political scientists, historians, sociologists or economists. Candidates must be in possession of the PhD by September 30th, 2017. The position will have a duration of 1 year with a possible one year renewal for two consecutive years.

The research program is focused on the emergence of mass parties, the choice of electoral institutions, and the final crystallization of different party systems in Europe and North America during the transition to mass democracy (1850-1940). The project will combine innovative statistical, historical and geocoding techniques to explain the formation of diverse party systems as the outcome of political choices made at particular critical junctures that involved the creation of nonsocialist and socialist parties, the mobilisation of their corresponding electorates, and the strategic response of political elites.

Deadline (senior research fellow): April 30th, 2017. More information HERE (soon available).
Deadline (three post-doctoral fellows): March 15th, 2017. More information HERE.

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