Gender gap in household duties has been reduced after the Covid-19 pandemic

The study “Gender inequality in paid and unpaid work after the pandemic” co-authored by our researcher Lídia Farré and Libertad González for “laCaixa” Foundation reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on gender equality, particularly in terms of women’s employment and domestic responsibilities.

The closure of businesses and schools during the pandemic led to a significant increase in unpaid work for women, with men’s involvement in childcare remaining low. However, a recent study conducted in Spain has shown that two years after the first lockdown, the gender gap in total weekly working hours, including paid and unpaid work, has narrowed.

This reduction is mainly due to men’s increased involvement in childcare during the pandemic, resulting in a more equal sharing of tasks within the household. While women still dedicate more time to unpaid work and childcare, the study suggests that men’s increased participation in childcare during lockdown could contribute to a more equal distribution of family responsibilities in the long term.

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