MSc students turn their research for a master course into a peer-reviewed journal article

Two recent MSc in Economics graduates at the UB School of Economics Alexis Gaona and Juan-Felipe Gonzalez and exchange student Jaakko Järvinen have turned their research for the master course Ecological Economics into a scientific article that has just been published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Environmental & Socio-economic Studies. PhD student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Marula Tsagkari has co-authored the study.

The article analyses the carbon dioxide emissions related to trade flows in Poland in order to further investigate the interrelationship between emissions and the quick economic growth the country has experienced since 2000. The study shows that the opening of the economy and the accession to the European Union substantially affected the country’s emissions. The article also reveals that imports from countries with less strict environmental policies significantly embody higher levels of emissions than its exports.

“Students use to think that there is a long path between an assignment in class and a scientific paper. However, it is just a matter of being convinced and develop the ideas you have”, Juan-Felipe González said. “Professor Monica Serrano always encouraged us to believe that an assignment at class should become a scientific paper, and that all the assignments we do should be always be aimed at this”, he added.

Jaakko Järvinen explained that “As the idea of the course was very engaging, our team quickly got carried away with our research and it was soon that we noticed having a paper-like study in our hands”. He also said that “We had such a good group dynamics and a lot of support from the university that I believe contributed critically to the whole process”.

“I always wanted to publish a paper even before finishing the degree in Economics. Luckily, here, at the University of Barcelona, I could achieve it”, Alexis Gaona commented. None of the three rule out the possibility of doing more research now that they have finished the master’s degree. “The success of this first paper has motivated me to continue doing research”, Alexis Gaona added. However, some of them will first move into industry for some time.

The journal Environmental & Socio-economic Studies publishes original research papers, review articles and scientific communications concerning the interactions between human activity and the environment in urban and industrial areas, and the functioning of society and nature.

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