September 18, 2019

Call for papers for “Workshop on Public Policies: Inequality of opportunity” is now open

The call for papers for the Workshop on Public Policies: Inequality of opportunity is now open. Contributed papers topics may focus on Taxation, Education, Health, Pension systems, Redistributive effects of fiscal policy, Political economy of tax and spending reforms, and Fiscal policy evaluation. Full papers should be in English and must be submitted electronically by 18 October 2019 using the Conference Maker and selecting the following submission topic: “Workshop on…

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September 13, 2019

IEB invites submission of papers for presentation at International Academic Symposium on Energy Efficiency Economics and Policy

The Chair of Energy Sustainability at the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) invites the submission of papers for presentation at the VIII International Academic Symposium: Energy Efficiency Economics and Policy, which will be held in Barcelona on February 4th, 2020. Authors are invited to submit empirical papers on the energy policy implications regarding the economics of energy efficiency applied to oil, gas or electricity sector. Climate change is one of…

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September 6, 2019

UB School of Economics hiring three tenure-eligible lecturers

The UB School of Economics is recruiting three tenure-eligible lecturers in the Departments of Economics, Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics and Mathematics for Economics, Finance and Actuarial Sciences at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona. The first two positions are in the field of Applied Economics, while the third position is in the area of Mathematical and Quantitative Methods. The international call for applications for…

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August 27, 2019

Department of Economics looking to hire an Assistant Professor in the field of Public Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Barcelona invites applications for an Assistant Professor with a special interest in Public Economics to join the Faculty of Economics and Business in February 2020. Applicants are expected to show outstanding commitment to research and must be in possession of the corresponding favorable governmental accreditation. The successful candidate will be expected to teach in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to develop independent…

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August 1, 2019

UB School of Economics researchers embark on EU-funded project on sharing economy and inequalities across Europe

The University of Barcelona is a partner in the Jean Monnet Network SHINE, which has recently been awarded a total of €299,876 from the European Union to support the project Sharing Economy and Inequalities across Europe. With a total budget of nearly €400,000, the network will develop this EU-funded project at least well into 2022. The project will consist of university research, training and a joint work programme with institutions…

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July 25, 2019

New research from UB School of Economics contradicts claims that government formation deadlocks negatively affect economy

The results of a recent study co-authored by the UB School of Economics researchers Daniel Albalate and Germà Bel contradict frequent claims that long periods of government formation deadlock negatively affect an economy. The authors studied the impact of the delay in government formation in Belgium following the June 2010 election. This period of government formation impasse has been the longest ever recorded in history. However, the findings show that…

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July 12, 2019

Call for papers open for the Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics and JRC Regional Modelling Workshop

The Regional Quantitative Analysis (AQR-IREA) research group at the UB School of Economics invites the submission of papers for presentation at the 2019 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics and VII JRC Regional Modelling Workshop “Regional economic modelling and policy impact assessment”. The workshop will focus on economic modelling, regional and territorial analysis and the assessment of the spatial impact of policies. Both methodological and empirical contributions will be…

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July 3, 2019

School of Economics researchers outline citizen perceptions of the EU project with Horizon 2020 partners across Europe

The Regional Quantitative Analysis Group (AQR-IREA) at the UB School of Economics has led the evaluation of the citizen perceptions of the EU regarding the regional performance of the Cohesion Policy and institutional quality. This research falls within the PERCEIVE project, a three-year research project funded by the European programme Horizon 2020 which studies what influences the perception of Europe at the regional level. PERCEIVE is an acronym that stands…

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June 27, 2019

UB School of Economics researchers Enric Tello and Ricard Soto awarded prize for best ‘Journal of Agrarian Change’ article

The UB School of Economics researchers Enric Tello and Ricard Soto have been awarded the Bernstein & Byres Prize for the best article published in the Journal of Agrarian Change in 2018 for “From feudal colonization to agrarian capitalism in Mallorca: Peasant endurance under the rise and fall of large estates (1229–1900)”. Enric Tello and Ricard Soto co-authored the article with Gabriel Jover (Universitat de Girona), Ivan Murray (Universitat de…

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June 20, 2019

School of Economics research warns Spanish pension system reform could have worsened pensioner’s economic position

The last major reform of the Spanish retirement pension system, implemented in 2013, intended to be a major step towards sustainability. However, it also implied foreseeable strong and negative effects on “adequacy”, defined as the extent to which pensions guarantee a sufficient level of income for the elderly. As a result of this reform, pensioners would see their relative economic position worsened throughout forthcoming decades, as a study co-authored by…

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