The UB School of Economics has inaugurated the Behavioral Experimental Science Laboratory

We are pleased to announce that we have inaugurated the Behavioral Experimental Science Laboratory at the Faculty of Economics and Business during the Summer School of the UB School of Economics.

The aim of this new facility is to provide an adequate environment to conduct different kinds of experiments and studies for research projects and teach research methodology using the lab equipment.

We asked Pol Campos Mercadé, Assistant Professor at Lund University, MSc in Economics alumni and guest lecturer of the last edition of our Summer School on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, about the benefits of having a laboratory at the Faculty.

  • What impact has the laboratory on the students (MSc and PhD)?

The lab will give MSc and PhD students the chance to test the hypotheses of their theses in a completely new environment. In addition to empirical and theoretical methods, the lab opens the experimental method to our students.

  • And how can it impact the research and teaching staff?

The Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona is already a leading institution in empirical and theoretical work. By opening a lab, the Faculty is now opening itself to a new kind of research, which will not only benefit current personnel but also prospective colleagues who will be interested in joining the Faculty.

  • What repercussions can the LAB have in the competitivity of the Faculty of Economics and Business?

The Faculty will now be visible to a new set of researchers interested in behavioral and experimental economics. They will not only know that they can potentially run their own experiments in this Faculty, but also consider the University of Barcelona as their potential employer.

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