UB School of Economics researcher Amedeo Piolatto awarded a Ramon y Cajal postdoctoral senior grant

_JL23588editedResearch Fellow at the UB School of Economics’ Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Amedeo Piolatto has been awarded a Ramon y Cajal postdoctoral senior grant, aimed at promoting the recruitment of national and foreign researchers into academic posts at research centres.

“I’m deeply honoured to have received such a prestigious grant. It will allow me to focus on my research and to have the funds needed to disseminate it. During the next five years, I plan to keep working on topics related to information and media, focusing both on the impact that information has on politics and on markets. I also expect to devote part of my time to the analysis of tax evasion and of education”, the researcher said.

Amedeo Piolatto is an applied-theory economist focused mainly on the microeconomics interactions among citizens, the public sector and Markets. His interests span Economics of Education; Electoral Systems; Federalism; Industrial Organisation and Market Regulation; Media, Information and Piracy; Political Economy; and Taxation and Tax Evasion.

He received his PhD from the Toulouse School of Economics. Before taking his current position, he had a two year appointment at the University of Alicante and taught Microeconomics at the Pompeu Fabra University. Piolatto has also been a visiting at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Tilburg University, Collegio Carlo Alberto and the New York University.

The Spanish Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness awards a maximum of 175 postdoctoral senior grants, with a duration of five years. The selection process is highly competitive and is based on the candidate’s own curricular merits, their capacity to lead a research line, their scientific and professional experience and their independence.

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