À. Lorena Fuster Peiró

Professor of Philosophy and Feminist Theory at the University of Barcelona

À. Lorena Fuster is a professor of Philosophy and Feminist Theory and researcher in the Philosophy and Gender Seminary / ADHUCResearch Centre for Theory, Gender, Sexuality at the University of Barcelona, the GAPP (Grup Arendtià de Pensament i Política).

She has published numerous articles about the subject of imagination and the imaginary in contemporary thought, particularly on the theory of authors like Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, Iris Murdoch, Ágnes Heller, Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler (Daimon, Anthropos, Isegoría, Edinburgh University Press, Social Imaginaries, Segni e Comprensione, Palgrave, among others). She coedited with Elena Laurenzi Contra la aridez. La propuesta filosófica de Iris Murdoch (Daimon, 2013), and with Fina Birulés the compilation of texts of Arendt Más alla de la filosofía. Escritos sobre cultura, arte, y literatura (Trotta, 2014) and with Matias Sirczuk, Hannah Arendt in the collection “El arte de leer” (Katz, 2017). She cotranslated Irigaray´s La etica de la diferencia sexual (Ellago, 2010) to Spanish and Arendt´s Sobre la violencia (Institut Català Internacional per la Pau-Angle, 2011; 2022) to Catalan. She forms part of the editing counsels of Aurora. Papeles del Seminario María Zambrano and Lectora. Revista de Dones i Textualitat.

She is currently the IP of two projects on the relationship between women’s activism and philosophy between the s. XIX and XX (MUVAN and The Forgotten Legacy of Clotilde Cerdà/Esmeralda Cervantes). She has been a researcher in national projects (VULFIL, TRAFILÓ, Filósofas del s. XX, among others) and European projects (TRAMOD, HERA). In these projects, she has dealt with issues such as transmission, recognition, debt and vulnerability and she has explored the creation and transmission of thought through different formats (exhibitions, documentaries, transdisciplinary meetings). She has been at the origin and in the coordination of some of the ongoing activities of ADHUC (International Cycle of Conferences Arendtian Spring, Shared Readings and Laboratori de Tesi) and she is the co-director of the Barcelona Pensa Philosophy Festival since 2020.