Social Impact Open Repository

This tool allows you to enter a new project to SIOR repository!

The process for registering a new project in SIOR repository consists of two steps:

  1. Creation and edition of the project. Please register yourself as a new user. Then you will be able to create a new project and edit it later until you complete the data regarding the project and its social impact.

    Request the incorporation to SIOR repository. In order to check the data included in the project and evaluate its social impact, you can submit and request the SIOR team the validation of the project. Once the SIOR team has received your application, they will proceed to review the data. The reviewers may ask you to complete or correct data and information provided or may suggest several recommendations for a better description of the social impact of research achieved by the project.

    Once the researcher introduces these improvements, reviewers will verify it and the project will be published. When the assessment is positive, you will be informed with the total score and the project will be published in the SIOR repository.

  2. Update new social impact. New social impact evidences can also be achieved years after the project has ended. SIOR provides researchers an excellent opportunity to gather all this data. In this case, researchers must contact SIOR and inform about new evidences. The project will be reopened to edition and evidences could be introduced. The process repeats with peer review as explained above.