Self-access language learning at the University of Barcelona

The Language Services offer a variety of options for learning a language in your own time. These include online materials, a language exchange service, conversation groups, and a range of resources and materials designed specifically for the network of self-access language learning centres. Information on these resources and activities is provided on the following pages. We hope that the resources prove fun and rewarding to use!

On-site learning

  • Lletres CAL, logo dels centres d'autoaprenentatge

    Self-access language learning centres

    The self-access centres are dedicated spaces for language learning where you will find facilities and materials to improve your grammar, for practising all aspects of your languages skills (reading, writing, speaking, comprehension), to prepare for official examinations, for watching foreign-language films, for online language learning, and much more!

  • Ninots que fan veure que xerren com a logo dels grups de conversa

    Conversation groups

    Groups are organized on most of the UB campuses and are coordinated by native speakers. They give you the chance to practise and improve your spoken language in a relaxed atmosphere. Consult the available languages, dates and timetables.

  • Com una maleta amb potes. És un símbol de l'activitat de conversa

    Language exchange service

    Would you like to practise your skills in a foreign language and meet native speakers? Sign up for the language exchange service and join a group or find a partner. The groups are an ideal way to practise your language skills and take part in a variety of activities.

Online resources

  • La silueta d'un ninot que representa que parla llengües


    Grow your languages with Rosetta Stone, an immersion-based online environment for self-directed language learning. Self-correction exercises allow you to work independently and at your own speed, whenever and wherever suits you best. Registered users have access to over 23 languages. Try it out!

  • Recursos d’autoaprenentatge

    Learning resources

    Materials and resources created specifically for the self-access language learning centres to help you improve your language skills in your own time.

  • Una silueta d'un ninot blau que sembla que pinti la paret

    Multimedia English-language materials

    These comprise a varied range of exercises from levels A1 to B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, for you to improve your English skills at your own pace. You can use these materials on campus, at home, and anywhere else you are able to access the UB’s Virtual Campus.

  • Un full d'examen

    Level tests

    Would you like to know the level of your skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages? Here you will find level tests for Catalan, English, French, German, and Italian, as well as information about equivalence across different accreditation systems.

  • La mateixa paraula Enllaça escrita en lletra blava


    The Enllaça! directory provides links to a comprehensive selection of language learning resources. Online dictionaries, writing-support resources, courses, learning materials, level tests and much more are just a mouse-click away!