Joana Cirici

Departament de Matemątiques i Informątica
Universitat de Barcelona
Gran Via 585
08007 Barcelona

Phone. +34 934021604
Office: P2-46


I am a member of the Topology Research Group at Universitat de Barcelona and of the French ANR project Higher Algebra, Geometry, and Topology.

Research Interests
I mostly work on Algebraic Topology and its interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry. This includes:
• Topology of algebraic varieties and mixed Hodge theory;
• Multiplicative structures in homotopical algebra and cohomological operations;
• Rational and p-adic homotopy theory, operads and formality;
• Topology of complex and almost complex manifolds.

I currently coordinate the research projects:
Homotopical Methods in Geometry (PID2020-117971GB-C22), AEI, Spain.
• Geometry and Topology at UB (GiT-UB), (2021 SGR 00697), AGAUR, Government of Catalonia.
• Europa Excelencia "Homotopical Invariants of Almost Complex Manifolds" (EUR2023-143450), AEI, Spain.

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Admin work
• Vice-Dean of Research of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Since 2021).
• Scientific committee member of the GDR Théorie de l'Homotopie et Applications (Since 2022).
• Steering committee member of the Women in Topology Network (Since 2017).

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