Academic and Labor Transitions Research Group

The TRALS research team (Academic and Labour Transitions) was created in the 90’s in the Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education (MIDE) of the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona.

Initially directed by Sebastián Rodríguez, from 2008 it was coordinated by Pilar Figuera and currently Mercedes Torrado is the Principal Investigator.

The team is composed of university professors specialized in teaching and research in the area of academic and professional guidance, tutoring, institutional evaluation and research methodologies.

From the TRALS research group we organize, participate and coordinate networks and projects in the context of guidance, with the aim of making the guidance profession more visible.

In this sense, we find the Seminari Permanent d’Orientació Professional (SEPEROP) of which we have carried out XIX editions.

Another important axis is the Inter-University Network of Guidance Teachers (RIPO), which seeks to generate a space for debate and exchange of experiences and scientific knowledge of teachers and researchers from different universities in the field of educational and vocational guidance. To this end, the meetings of the Network serve to analyze, discuss, reflect and make proposals on some of the thematic axes of the network.

Finally, TRALS members coordinate and are integrated in other teaching innovation groups within the University, such as the Grup d’Innovació Docent Consolidat Interdisciplinar en Màsters (GID INTERMASTER) or the Grup d’Innovació Docent Consolidat MideMe of the MIDE Department of the Faculty of Education.


Explain the functioning of academic and work transitions processes in different contexts

Understand the specific dynamics of transitions in disadvantaged or non-conventional populations

Design, pilot and evaluate transition, mentoring and guidance actions and activities to favor personal and institutional management of transitions

Research lines

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