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Tag: "Pujol Vila, Oriol" (3)

Welcome and OpenAIRE introduction
Welcome and OpenAIRE introduction
English4 apr 20173290Welcome and OpenAIRE introduction.Oriol Pujol Vila, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation (University of Barcelona)Pedro Príncipe, University of Minho (OpenAIRE)Anthony Ross-Hellauer, University of Göttingen (OpenAIRE)
Welcome remarks
Welcome remarks
English30 jan 2017968Introduction by Ignasi Labastida, CRAI Research Support Unit at University of Barcelona. Oriol Pujol, Vice-President for Digital Transformation, University of Barcelona.This event takes place on 26 January 2017, at the Aula Magna of the University of Barcelona.
About data from a machine learning perspective.
About data from a machine learning perspective.
English30 jan 2017609Dr. Oriol Pujol, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, at University of Barcelona. talk will share experiences from the machine learning and data science communities as well as giving some ...