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Tag: "Jamasb, Tooraj" (3)

Green Markets
Green Markets
economics and businessEnglish18 feb 2022251Second session of the X International Academic Symposium "Green Opportunities for the Energy Sector" organized by the Chair of Energy Sustainability of the UB on february 8th 2022 at the Aula Magna of the University of Barcelona.  Session entitled Green Markets and chaired by Paulina Beato, Economic Advisery and with the conferences:"Risk transmission between green markets and ...
Presentation. Plenary Session. Tooraj Jamasb
Presentation. Plenary Session. Tooraj Jamasb
economics and businessEnglish27 mar 20171193Intervenció de presentació de la sessió plenaria del V International Academic Symposium: Challenges for the Energy Sector a càrrec del professor Tooraj Jamasb de l'Institut d'Energia de Durham (Regne Unit) amb la ponència Smart Electricity Distribution Networks and Business Models for Developing Countries.Intervention Plenary presentation of the 'V ...
The Challenges of the Energy Sector
The Challenges of the Energy Sector
economics and businessEnglish23 mar 2017916Entrevista Tooraj Jamasb (Durham University) durant el V International Academic Symposium "Challenges for the Energy Sector" organitzat per l'Institut d'Economia de Barcelona el dia 7 de febrer de 2017 al Parc Científic Barcelona.