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Tag: "López-Soto, Alfonso" (2)

Closing ceremony
Closing ceremony
medicine, nursing, odon...English30 jul 20141908Closing ceremony of the 2nd Barcelona International Conference on Healty Ageing on June 19th and 20th at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona and organized by the Health Campus of the University of Barcelona HUBc.  The meeting is aimed to examine the most significant issues in biological, medical and technological innovation on healthy ageing. Session ...
Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
medicine, nursing, odon...English28 jul 20142888Acte d'inauguració de la 'II Jornada Internacional de Barcelona sobre Envelliment Saludable' els dies 19 i 20 de juny a la Facultat de Medicina de la Universitat de Barcelona i organitzada pel Campus de la ...