Gargano cherts: multiparametric protocol for provenance determination. Giacomo Eramo

published: 30 Oct 2015  |  
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  • SESSION 6 - Characterising lithic sources
    Gargano cherts: multiparametric protocol for provenance determination

    In this work we present our results based on macroscopic and chemical analysis of a selection of 151 samples of chert to understand the variability of the intrinsic features and use them as potential discriminant factors for provenance. In each formation, cherts with different features and quality coexist. Among multiple sampling in outcrops with several chert layers, macroscopic and chemical results show lateral homogeneity and vertical heterogeneity. The chemical variability of chert samples is influenced by the distance from the cortex, when present. Geochemistry and colorimetry are not able to distinguish cherts of the four formations investigated.

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