Inclusion & Diversity

published: 22 Dec 2022  |  
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  • Presenter: Ander Errasti Lopez     
    Chair: Maria Teresa Sauras Yera. Rector's Delegate for Sustainability at the University of Barcelona


    ·Agnes Sarolta Fazekas, Eötvös Loránd University, CHARM-EU
    ·Cathy Jerez Paredero, University of Barcelona, UNI(di)VERSITY
    · Marcello Scalisi, Director of UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union
    Rapporteur:  Linas Cepinskas, Utrecht University, CHARM-EU

    Summary: CHARM-EU represents an innovative model of 21st-century higher education where accessibility and inclusion have been stepping by step interwoven into its DNA. Inclusion by design means that inclusiveness is strategically mainstreamed into the culture, design, delivery and monitoring of all areas of the Alliance and the CHARM-EU Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability. CHARM-EU welcomes and shares experiences with colleagues from and UNI(di)VERSITY to address common enablers, challenges and innovative solutions together to create a more inclusive and diverse European Higher Education Area.

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