Masculinity Studies: New Directions. Selected Fragments

published: 15 Mar 2016  |  
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  • The video Masculinity Studies: New Directions. Selected Fragments (Àngels Carabí, Marta Bosch, Ruben Cenamor eds., Audiovisuals UB, 2015) includes selected fragments from lectures on new directions in masculinity studies given by renown critics of masculinity at the University of Barcelona, and organized by the Constructing New Masculinities (CNM) research group. Topics such as racialized masculinities, transnational masculinities, the ages of men, masculinities and affect, ecomasculinities and alternative masculinities are interrogated by Michael Kimmel (SUNY); Jeff Hearn (U. Helsinky/Linköping); Lynne Segal (U. London); Robert Reid-Pharr (CUNY); Todd Reeser (U. Pittsburgh); Stefan Brandt (U. Graz), and Victor J. Seidler (U. London).

    Full lectures can be watched at: Michael Kimmel “Interrogating Racialized Masculinities”; Jeff Hearn  “Transnational Masculinities Jeff Hearn”; Lynne Segal “Aging and Masculinities”; Robert Reid-Pharr “New Approaches to Ethnic and Masculinity Studies”; Todd Reeser “The Affective Politics of Awkward Masculinity”; Stefan Brandt “Eco-Masculinities in the American Literary Imagination”; Victor J. Seidler “Alternative Masculinities”.

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    00:03:28 - Michael Kimmel
    00:13:51 - Jeff Hearn
    00:21:09 - Lynne Segal
    00:30:02 - Robert Reid-Pharr
    00:38:59 - Todd Reeser
    00:47:48 - Stefan Brandt
    00:56:38 - Victor J. Seidler
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